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according to Forbes Kazakhstan, September 2020
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Travel Insurance

For the first time in Kazakhstan we launched a service through which medical travel insurance is automatically calculated and issued together with the air ticket without leaving home.

What is is without which you cannot imagine travelling? Without a positive attitude, the desire to discover something new, a ticket to one or both sides, and without insurance, in the event of unforeseen circumstances or health problems that can save your own savings from excessive spending.

According to the observations of employees of insurance companies, about 90% of Kazakhstani people, when going on holiday abroad, acquire health insurance. "In Kazakhstan, it has become normal practice, we have a high level of penetration. The vast majority of people developed a good habit to deal with this issue in a travel agency or in the offices of insurance companies. The exception is when the employees of various large companies (legal entities), are sent on a business trip for a short time. They do not need an additional policy, as employers often fixes it for his employee by default, "- says the managing director of the insurance company" Centras Insurance "Ruslan Pogorelov. "Our citizens are well aware that if you are here, at home, they cannot particularly worry about emergencies, in Europe or America medical services are very expensive. For example, the cost of an ordinary doctor's consultation costs at least $ 100 (and up); emergency surgery, treatment or hospital - in the tens of thousands of dollars. Actually, in view of these considerations, it is desirable to have insurance during trips abroad ", - he added.

As mentioned above, citizens used to refer to travel agencies or offices of insurance companies to purchase an insurance policy. With the help of the joint project of the service purchasing online tickets and the insurance company "Centras Insurance" this procedure has become much simpler. Now, to buy health insurance, you need to press only one button when booking online - the cost of the policy in this case is calculated automatically based on the entered flight data. According to the managing director of "Centras Insurance", surprisingly, that this practice has appeared just now in the Kazakh market. "We really believe that this is a breakthrough project. The insurance policy, in fact, is an additional product and is the best option when it comes at a major purchase (eg, ticket). Yes, perhaps this topic is not yet understood, but if it is to develop, in a few years, it will become the norm, "- he said.

According to the director of service, Anna Lee, in addition to the online purchase of health policy, it is in plan to introduce other types of insurance: in the case of loss of baggage, flight delay, a delay of a connecting flight, and so on. "It is important to note that the customers of Aviata. kz do not only save time in the purchase of insurance, but also buy an insurance policy for the same cost as the insurance company, without an overpayment, "- said Anna Lee.