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according to Forbes Kazakhstan, September 2020
Множество способов оплаты
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Ways to pay for your flight

1. You can pay online with any Visa, Visa Classic, Visa Gold or MasterCard credit card. Cards issued to both individuals or entities are accepted.

2. Online payment at

3. Online payment at

Card payments are safe!

Card payments are processed by our partner bank:

  • Payment authorization system for cards issued by SB Alfa-Bank JSC

Card payments are safe because:

1. Thanks to the authorization system, buyers can rest assured that their card details (card number, expiration date, CVV2/CVC2) are not compromised, since this information is not stored on the server and cannot be stolen.

2. The buyers do not enter their payment details on the online store's website – they enter them directly in the authorization system of SB Alfa-Bank JSC, therefore, the buyer's card details will only be available to the bank employees with a certain level of clearance.

3. The online payment service is provided in accordance with the Rules of the international payment systems based on the principles of respect for the privacy and security of payment, using the latest verification, encryption and data transfer technology via secure communication channels.

What payment cards are accepted

We accept cards of international payment systems. You can pay for your flight with a debit, credit, virtual or prepaid Visa or MasterCard card issued by any bank in the world. You can pay for your flight using the card of any type, such as Classic, Gold, Platinum, World, Electron, etc.

Why your card payment may not go through

  • Not enough funds on your card balance.
  • Incorrect card number, expiration date, or CVV/CVC code.

CVV/CVC code is a three-digit code which usually can be found on the back of your card.

If you have enough funds on your card balance and the card details entered are correct, then the payment may not go through for the following reasons:

  • Your bank has daily payment limits.
  • In some cases, online transactions can be blocked by the card issuing bank. In this case, you can still pay your tickets – just call you bank's contact center, and normally the operator will change the settings.

If you are having problems paying with your card, you can contact the bank that issued your card by calling customer support (usually available around the clock), using the number specified on the back of your card. You will have to describe the problem you are facing to the bank's support specialists, who will try to resolve your issue.

Proof of purchase

The proof of purchase is an electronic ticket for each passenger that is sent within 20 minutes to the email address provided when the order was placed. It confirms the payment and the passenger's right to be on that particular flight.