How to buy cheap airline tickets online

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How to buy cheap airline tickets online

How to buy and book tickets

We book and sell airline tickets for all destinations departing from anywhere in the world through common international booking systems. On our website, you can buy tickets of most of the world's airlines issuing e-tickets, operating regular passenger flights and which are part of the IATA (International Air Transport Association). Tickets of some low-cost carriers are also available on our website.

All the information about booking and payment.

Ways to pay for your flight

1. You can pay with your Visa or MasterCard card issued by any bank in the world. Cards issued to both individuals or entities are accepted. In some cases, online transactions can be blocked by the card issuing bank. In this case, you can still pay your tickets – just call your bank's contact center, and normally the operator will change the settings.

2. You can issue a ticket by installments or a loan online without a down payment and overpayments.

3. Make payments through Rahmet apps and get cashback up to 5%.

Learn more about payment methods and payment confirmation.

How to rebook or apply for a refund

The rules of the global distribution systems prohibit any data changes for any of the passengers, once the order is completed. Any modification may result in cancellation of the ticket, and the refund will be possible only in accordance with the rules of your chosen fare.

Refund and/or rebooking to another flight or another date are subject to the rules and restrictions of your chosen fare. You can read the fare rules at checkout. For details, please contact us.

Booking cancellations are subject to the approval by the airline. Usually, you can cancel your booking within 30 minutes after your order was completed and on the same day the payment was made.

Read more about our refund and rebooking policy.

How a legal entity can buy airline tickets and get documented proof of expenses for the accounting department

Documented proof includes the itinerary, the original boarding pass, a bank statement confirming payment for the electronic ticket by a credit card.

Proof of expenses – complete guide for legal entities.

Please note that passengers cannot obtain copies of the boarding passes. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you keep the boarding passes for your flight!


Today, almost all airlines have switched to electronic tickets (itineraries). After you buy a ticket online, you receive an electronic ticket sent to your e-mail address showing all the information about your trip, including a unique identifier, which is recorded in the centralized database.

We recommend that you have a printed copy of your e-ticket with you throughout the trip. You may have to show it to the aviation security staff when entering the airport, as well as during passport or customs control to prove that you have a return ticket or that you are a transfer passenger.

Detailed information about your e-ticket.